Community Partnership Support

The Costessey Memories group are being supported by a Norfolk County Council partnership involving:
- Norfolk Library Service
- Norfolk Community Service Development Workers, Lynn Arnold & Sarah Smith
- Norfolk Adult Education Community Development Manager, Colin Howey

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Roy's Costessey Childhood

The first regular meeting of the Costessey Memories group was really well attended, with twenty people turning up. We were treated to a wonderfully entertaining and informative talk from Roy about his childhood growing up in Costessey.

Here is a short excerpt of Roy discussing his memories with group members...


  1. Roy's memories take me back to "the good or days"- can't remember coronation day though! Thanks, Rachel

  2. It is fantastic to hear the history in people's heads. The sound of the voice really adds to the authenticity. Fantastic talk Roy!